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Reliance Global Call Enterprise phone service comes inbuilt with time and effort saving tips for its users.

Use these smart calling tips when making international voice calls while using Reliance Global Call Enterprise smart calling card:

  • Skip any of Reliance Global Call's IVR announcements by simply pushing any of the keys from 1 - 9.
  • To redial a number, simply dial 0.
  • Dial * to Erase: Use the * key to erase your last dialed digit. Now you can correct your wrong entry immediately. E.g. If you dialed 007 instead of 01, all you have to do is dial * * and 1.
  • Dial * # to Erase All: Use the * # key to erase the entire dialed entry (PIN, Destination number or Easy Dial code). You can then re-enter the number. E.g. If you dialed 007 instead of 700, all you have to do is dial *# and then dial 700
  • Dial # for Instant Dial: Use the # key after dialing your PIN, destination number or Easy Dial code and get connected instantly.
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