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Reliance Global Call is a premium international calling service offering calls to over 150 countries across the globe at unbelievably low calling rates. From call quality to customer service, Reliance Global Call gives you the ultimate international calling experience at the most affordable rates.

Reliance Global Call has its own seamless global network which includes a highly reliable, fiber-optic network that we own and manage along with Reliance owned satellite connectivity.

We are international calling service provider, which allows you to make international calls with or without an Internet connection from your mobile device. It lets you make free app-to-app calls (Audio and video), free chat to your Reliance Global Call contacts.

The Mobile app is available on Android and iOS app stores.

Join the Reliance Global Call family now and experience truly world class time tested and proven service embraced by millions of phone card users worldwide.

You can manage your account online. You will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Free App – App calls and  chat , video calls, call conferencing with other Reliance Global Call contacts in your phone book
  • Cheap calling rates for over 150 plus countries on mobile and landline
  • Customer care voice support available in few countries from 11:30 am GMT To 5:30 am GMT* which is unique in our segment
  • Online account management
  • Quick Top Up - Auto Recharge and Instant Pay
  • Social Hub: Access Facebook, Google Plus, to interact with friends also get chat with Facebook/Google contacts
  • Unified Calling experience with or without internet*

Besides enjoying a host of features like One touch dialing through our Reliance Global Call Mobile application, Auto Recharge, Hotline, Easy Dial and unmatched voice clarity, it empowers you to manage your account online.

Our services do not attract connection charges, deposit, contract, activation or deactivation charges. Our service is free of all these charges

* Conditions applied as per the countries.

It’s quite simple to download our app. The Mobile App is available in the App Stores of respective mobile platforms – e.g. iTunes, Google Play. Search for “Reliance Global Call all” in the App Store, to download the application and install click here.


So download the Reliance Global Call App and experience the world class cost effective calling with Reliance Global Call. To start using the App, please sign up for the service, click here.

With this App you can enjoy international calling without paying expensive roaming charges. You can use Reliance Global Call App to call any destination while you are travelling across the globe. To make international calls in roaming, internet connectivity is mandatory. Your App-to-App calls and instant messaging features are still FREE.
* When you use Reliance Global Call APP on a Wi-Fi/Hotspot/3G/4G during roaming you might need to pay operator data charges or internet connection charges.


Sign Up FAQs

Sign Up for Reliance Global Call using the below mentioned steps:
Step 1: Click on “Sign-Up” form and enter the details as mentioned on the Sign up form - Mobile Number, Name, Email ID and Zip Code/Post Code.

Step 2:  Complete the payment process as instructed.

Step 3: After the payment process is completed, your PIN will be sent to your mobile number via SMS and Email. Make sure you enter correct mobile number only to get the PIN for your account

You can sign up either from Reliance Global Call App, website or via customer care team.

Note: Your Mobile Number is your User ID

Upon successful registration, you will receive a confirmation on the website itself and a mail will be send on your registered Email address.  In case you don’t, receive take help from our customer service representative on Live Chat or email us at customer care@relianceglobalcall.com

No. Please don’t register a hotel/hostel/public/VoIP/internet soft phone number in your Reliance Global Call account. Registration of these numbers for making calls may lead to misuse of your account and could result in incorrect billing. Reliance Global Call will not be liable for the liabilities whatsoever resulting from your registration of hotel/hostel/public/VoIP/internet soft phone numbers or otherwise any claims by you or third parties. For example customer using GTALK should not register Google voice number i.e. 1760000000, under his/her Reliance Global Call account.

Note: We are not responsible for any additional charges levied by your VoIP service provider for using the Reliance Global Call service.

If you haven’t received the PIN on registration, you can request Customer Care to resend pin by calling / chat / email at customercare@relianceglobalcall.com


Top up my Account

We offer the flexibility to recharge your account in  many ways –


Through Website
With log in
Log-in with your User ID and PIN to access your account profile. Click “Balance and Recharge” icon to recharge account
Without Log in
You can also recharge the account instantly using Instant Recharge (www.relianceglobalcall/InstantPayment.aspx)
Through Customer care
Recharge your account by calling Customer support numbers


Taxes will vary as per your country of registration and receipt will be sent to your registered email id .

Through App
Log on to the app. →Go to Menu →Add Credit

We provide you with convenient payment options through your Master Card, Visa, Amex* and Discover* powered credit and debit cards.
* Conditions applied as per the countries.

The validity period for General Plan is unlimited and Simply Reliance Plan has validity up to 31st March 2020, 12.00 Hrs GMT.

Yes – We have an option to Auto recharge
With Auto Recharge feature you will never run out of balance when you are on a call.
To sign up for Auto Recharge, login with your User Id and PIN, Go to ‘My Account’, click on Auto Recharge and select the Enable option.
Choose a denomination of your choice ($5, $10 or $20) and when your account reaches the selected minimum denomination, the system will automatically recharge with the pre-selected denomination that you have chosen.
Kindly make one successful recharge after enabling auto recharge to ensure smooth function of the facility.

No, we don’t store your card details, but the option is available for you. Just go to My Account, click on ‘Balance and Recharge page’ and check the box ‘Store card details’.
To activate the facility of ‘Store Card Details’, you need to make a successful payment transaction.

In case you have trouble recharging, please watch out for the following potential errors: The expiry date on the card does not match the date which you have entered. The billing address of the card does not match the address mentioned in your account.
In case either of this information has a mismatch, the transaction will decline. Also, please contact your issuing bank to make sure there is no problem with your card.


Rates & Plans

To know about our various offers and plans click here. You can register for Reliance Global Call with any of the below plans.
General Plan : This plan gives you the freedom to recharge with a minimum of $5. Enjoy cheap international calls plus free app-to-app calling with this plan.
However, please note the validity period is unlimited.
Simple Reliance Plan:  This plan gives you the freedom to sign up with any denomination starting from a minimum of $5, and recharge with a minimum of $5. Enjoy cheap international calls plus free app-to-app calling with this plan.
However, please note the a validity period  is upto 31st March 2020 @ 12 hours GMT.
For un-interrupted conversations opt for Auto Recharge service under this plan. To know details of the international call rates, click here.
Full on Plan/Value Pack :  This plan gives you the freedom to call India plus 4 countries with the validity for 30 days . For a complete list of countries, Please click here
The Full On Plan and Value pack is enabled with the Auto recharge feature. You don't have to renew the plan or add credit every month. Your plan will be recharged automatically when one of the following occurs:

  • Validity of the plan expires OR
  • Talk time of this plan is exhausted

Reliance Global Call offers highly competitive international calling rates to call over 150 destinations.

**When you are calling from a mobile app you may incur airtime or data charges, as levied by your service provider for via Wi-Fi/Hotspot/3G/4G/Calling plan or any other data plan.

**Local calling charges may be applicable for dialing local toll access number Please check with your local service provider

However, our rates are the same regardless of how you place the call (via Voip or via access no) for using Reliance Global Call. For complete information on our calling rates, click here.


My Account

Using the self-care feature of Reliance Global Call, you can manage your account online. All you need to do is log-in to your account with your User Id and PIN. Go to ‘My Account’ post logging in to handle various activities like:

Checking your account balance and adding credits to your account

Viewing payment and Call details history

Editing your profile details

Referring your friends or relatives to join Reliance Global Call

Account settings, enable/disable Auto recharge etc.

Plan/Pack selection and change

To retrieve your PIN, click on the option Forgot Pin

Enter your User ID and registered Email address for authentication.

The PIN will be sent via SMS to your registered mobile

You can change your PIN in 2 easy steps:

Step 1: Login to your account and Click on ‘Settings’

Step 2: To Change your PIN, click on ‘Change PIN’

Choose either of the options ‘To create PIN of your choice’ or ‘Get system generated PIN’ Changed PIN will be sent via SMS on registered mobile no.

Yes, Reliance Global Call can be used without internet as well and will be possible only in certain countries, for the list click here. But to log in to app, data connection is required. **Local calling charges may be applicable for dialing local toll access number. Please check with your local service provider.

Your monthly bill statement will be sent to your registered email address. You also have access to your billing information on the My Account section of Reliance Global Call website at any time.

Please note that this applies to customers with postpaid payment option only. The calls made from a respective origin destination combination are displayed in the measure of number of minutes, per minute pricing and the total cost of the call. If you made a call from USA to India or USA to Canada for 15mins the appropriate charge is displayed in call details along with 15 minutes.

Yes. If you are a customer of our service you will have confidential access to your usage information - for 30 days only - on the Website under "My Account – Usage History”.


How to make a call

  1. Via App
  2. Download our Reliance Global Call Mobile application
  3. Log on to the app using your User ID and PIN
  4. To start using the App, open your contacts list on your app and press the call button to initiate a call.
    Note: The green button indicates free app-to-app calls while the red button indicates paid calls which are charged at cheapest ever rates.


    To make international calls from your landline or by manual dialing our access number follow the below steps;

  5. Dial the Toll Free / Toll Access number
  6. If calling from registered phone number - Dial destination number you wish to call
  7. If calling from Un-registered phone number - Enter your registered phone number (Prefixed with your country code) followed by your 4 digit PIN
  8. Enter the destination number you wish to call starting with the country code.

Any Reliance Global Call user can call other Reliance Global Call user from his contacts for free via Reliance Global Call app and not only this it offers you free chat, free video calling and audio conferencing with your Reliance Global Call buddy.

** Data/Internet charges will applicable in app-app calling by your internet service provider.

Yes, you can call up your friends on any mobile phone or landline using Reliance Global Call App. Standard call charges will be applicable. For detailed call rates please click here

* Red icon next to your contacts indicates paid call to landline or mobile

Yes. Contacts from your address book will automatically get populated into Reliance Global Call contact list. Online status of Reliance Global Call contacts is also displayed in the contact list. You can make free calls or send instant messages to all these contacts.

Switch Call feature allows you to continue your call even when internet connectivity is poor or inconsistent. You can click “Switch Call” to continue the call through Access Number-based calling. You need not dial the destination number again.

Please note switch call feature is not available for free app-app call.

**Local calling charges may be applicable for dialing local toll access number. Please check with your local service provider.

To know the list of countries with ‘Switch Call’ feature, click here.

Switch Call’ is a complimentary feature and does not cost you anything extra. You will be charged as per the international call rates set for the particular destination for your calls. For international call rates click here.

Yes. As long as data/internet connectivity is available.

With this App you can enjoy international calling without paying expensive roaming charges. Your App-to-App calls and instant messaging features are still FREE.

* When you use RELIANCE GLOBAL CALL APP on a Wi-Fi/Hotspot/3G/4G networks during roaming you might need to pay internet connection charges.

With Reliance Global Call you can converse with more than one person at the same time through our conference calling feature. You can add people to conference by simply pressing ‘Add Call’ and repeat the action to add more people. Upto 20 people can join the conference besides the initiator of the conference call. Conference Call feature is available for free app to app audio calls only.

This feature is Available from Mobile only.

If you want to remove any person from the conference, just click on the “end call” button in red below the image of the person. The selected person will be removed.

Use video calling feature to bring alive your conversations. Go to the contact screen, select the contact you wish to make a video call and click on video call icon in blue to start. Alternately, you can switch to a video call while you are already on an audio call with any Reliance Global Call contact. All you have to do is just press the video call icon.

* Video call can be made with Reliance Global Call contacts only. Currently, we don’t support conference facility with video call.

Video Calling is compatible with any device having front facing camera.

Currently Video Calling is available on iOS and Android Reliance Global Call Mobile App.

Video calling is a complimentary feature that does not cost you anything extra. Video call can be made with Reliance Global Call contacts only.

The contact can be blocked from all app-app communication modes – like audio calls, video calls and instant messaging. Go to contact details/info and press “Block Contact” button. This will block the particular contact completely.

Yes. You can unblock the blocked contact at any point in time. Go to contact details/info and press “Unblock Contact” button. This will unblock the particular contact completely for all app- app communication modes.