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Dial our access number to connect to your loved ones from your landline and mobile phone.

  Toll Free numbers Toll Access numbers*
Type of services To call India To call India and other countries To call India & other countries
Prepaid 1-866-373-5426 1-866-494-7292 -
Pay-After Use 1-866-673-5426 1-866-494-7291
Customer Care 1-888-673-5426
24 x 7 Customer Care Email ID

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*Service provider may charge you for accessing these numbers.
Note: If your city does not have a Toll Access number, you can make calls using Toll Access number of another city which is in mainland USA. Your service provider may charge you for accessing this number. The charge will depend on the plan you have with your local service provider. You are requrested to check with your local service provider for the same. To know the rates applicable for Reliance Global Call Toll Free/Toll Access please visit our tariff section.

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